Image by Alex Holyoake
A Day with a Marketer


During these unpredictable times get a helping hand.


Drawing on my small business experiences, business analyst training and 15 years in marketing, I will work intensively on your business for a day. This is not just one day of marketing, it is an extensive analysis and future planning session to help you find potential avenues to improve your bottom line and identify any part of your customer interactions which might be losing you sales. 

What it will look like


Put aside one or two hours in the morning for an extensive consultation and after that how much one on one time we spent together is up to you (I remember the in the business, on the business juggling act all too well).


Once I have a clear idea of your business, marketing and digital marketing, customers, potential customers, goals and capabilities I will conduct a thorough review. This may include analysing your website or any digital marketing that you have active, paper advertising, customer emails, sales interactions and branding. I will also conduct a market or competitor analysis. 


From there I will come up with a marketing strategy, aka plan of attack to help you meet your goals. Depending on your unique situation and capabilities this will include a mix of small and large actions to help improve your bottom line and customer interactions, reach new customers or refine your current marketing and digital marketing actions. This will all be presented in easy to understand language.


The rest of the day will be tailored to whatever will help you most - answering specific questions, coaching, training or putting in place some of the things we discussed. 


Alternatively, I can spend the day with you via Zoom or Skype and help you activate any marketing or digital marketing activities you have planned already. This is best for small business owners who know what they want to do but have not had the time or skills to do so. It gives you the benefit of an experienced marketer on hand to make sure that you are on the right track and make any tweaks necessary to maximise your results.


My guarantee to you

Every cent matters in a small business, ESPECIALLY now. If after our initial chat I do not think I can add significant value to your business I will tell you. There will be a consultation fee for the initial discussion and our day together will end with no further charges. 


Even with only a chat I will aim to leave you with some sort of insights and a better understanding of the market right now and where you are going.