Image by Alex Holyoake


During these unpredictable times get a helping hand.


I firmly believe that in many cases there are still potential sales out there during COVID-19 for savvy small businesses - people just need to tailor their marketing and digital marketing for the current situation.


With the right approach, this pandemic could open up agile, smart small businesses to new opportunities and customers while life is upside down. Most importantly this time can give you a chance to set up your marketing, digital marketing and entire business so that any new customers stay with you when life returns to normal.


The short term goal: to help your small business survive.


During this review I will spend two hours or a half day with you going through your business, marketing and sales with a fine tooth comb. We will go through who your customers were, who they are right now, branding, customer service and much more.


The aim will be to find possible new customers for you to target and/or smarter ways to reach your existing customers. I will also look for any trouble spots that I think might be losing you sales or any areas for improvement that will help your bottom line.


I have been there and done that running both product based and service based small businesses so I know first hand that your situation is different to working with large corporates. My suggestions will be tailored to your unique small business, your capabilities and budget.